Everything That's Spatical

Saturday, September 23, 2006


I hit the mall last night with a few friends(who's names will be changed to protect me ie;the innocent one) to go see The Covenant.

If I could suggest to anyone going to see this movie, or any other, head to your mall's nearest dollar store and spending a big george on a devil costume.Then if you have people with you seperate said costume between all or wear it all by yourself. Regardless, the effect should be similar.

Now my friend, we'll call him Nad, made the whole trip to the mall extra spatical by doing a little booty poppin dance in our favorite store Spencer's. Let me just say it was something to see. Fit, Nyl, and I enjoyed it at any rate.

Let us continue to the movie itself. Girls or guys who like guys, Toby Hemingway was absolutely Lucsious, he plays Reid Garwin. I would pay the cash for the movie just to look at him again. I can only say Damn. Their was a butt shot in the flick that I think I will hold with me until I am old and feeble. The movie itself was wicked(get it).Two spatical thumbs way up. I won't tell you all about it. In my opinion definately worth the money. I will be the first in line when this comes out on dvd. The music kicked butt too., White Zombie,Rob Zombie, Front Line Assembly and more.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Chain Emails and their Authors

If you are online reading this chances are you have fallen victim to this scourge of the emailing world or even been one of the perpetrators of such dastardly deeds. I do not mean just the originators, I'm also refering to those who forward these wretched things to EVERYONE in their address book!

NOTICE:You will NOT be visited by ghosts, ghouls, murderers, monsters, vampires, wolfmen, trolls, or your true love whether you do or don't forward this to 1 or 100 people in the next 30 seconds or 30 years. MSN is not shutting down. If you are not the most heartless person on Earth it is NOT because you did not forward an email. This also covers all the following the most unpatriotic, unloved, unreligious, etc, Disease will not suddenly enter your body because of not sending an email.

What will happen? Well within about a month a few thousand people will have your email address as well as the address of everyone you sent it to. Ypu will start getting emails from someone you don't know. You will start getting hundreds of chain emails thereby taking up all of your free time either deleting them or continuing the cycle of forwarding these things FOREVER!

STOP. Just say NO to forwarding.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Things

Not that anybody cares, but here's my list of favorite things in no particular order.

Comedies/Comedians--- Real No Smudge Black Eyeliner
LMAO ---My J.Crew jeans in petite/the only jeans that fit right
Big Comfy Bed--- Computer
My super awesome curtains--- MSN Messenger
Music--- Full Moons

Green Day ---Incense
Viva La Bam---Mom's Lasagna
Green Nail Polish--- Candles,Lots of candles
Cellex C Lotion--- The smell of Amber
Guitar pick--- Jade ---Cash
Electric Guitars ---My friends
Mom's Chicken Pot Pie--- Scary/horror movies
Agatha Christie--- Curly Hair-Mine
Salvador Dali--- Google email(aka gmail)
Pumpkin Pie---- Missouri-Elsberry,St. Louis,Clarksville,St. Charles,
Des Peres,Frontanac,Manchester,St. Peters,etc.
Chocolate--- Tievoli Hills
SODA & SOAD--- Swimming
Walkman--- Football
Rugby---- Track
Edgar Allen Poe---- Vincent Price movies
Prepaid cell phones--- You Tube
Baseball hats--- Sammy Hagar
AC/DC---- That 70's show
Reycling ---Volunteering
Old people---- Irish Wolf Hounds
World Wildlife Fund--- UNICEF
Occasionally my crazy relatives

And so much more

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A little about oil....

I am not a completely pure living sort of person, but I keep trying to perfect and get a little closer to the ideal. My family does try to do a lot of recycling, and even some reusing. For a very long time my mom has been vocal about her opinions about the possibility of too many people being over medicated. We use natural products for any minor health problems we might have, along the way my mom has educated me on all the aspects of why as a family we do the things we do, so I tend to have a knowledge, if only a little, about some things i don't think most people don't.

So here goes a little of it. Just about any shampoo, conditioner,makeup,detergent,fabric softener, dish soap,dishwasher detergent, paint,carpet, glue/adhesive, body or face lotion, contain a form of petroleum.That black gold stuff that also gets put into engines and gas tanks. Unless of course you already know this and are using organic non-petro chemically laden products.

Okay, now whenever you get the chance, go take a look at the ingredient list on any or all of the aforementioned products around your house. I can very nearly guarentee, unless your family is like mine, one or more of the ingredients listed will be a form of paraben,( methyl-,butyl- , ethyl-, and propyl-).

Why this is not such a good thing:Parabens and in general petroleum based products are considered xenoestrogens. What exactly is the problem with xenoestrogens? For starters screwing up the balance of hormones in both men and women, and there are studies that have shown a connection with breast cysts in particular.(I am neither a doctor nor scientist so please forgive me if i get any of this wrong)

I should at least say that there are those in the medical and scientific fields who do not believe these things cause us any harm. However, we were also led to believe and trust that the use of antibiotics were safe. How many prescription medications have been taken off the market within just a couple of years of people being told they were safe, only to find out later just how dangerous they were? Cigarettes were also at one time considered safe, only decades later to discover that they were deliberately misrepresented to the public. Incidentally, they also happen to still be available, regardless of the danger to public health.

This is an interesting series of articles on the subject, about male bass fish developing ovaries and too many female hormones in The Potomac.

The other plus with buying nonpetroleum based products is saving oil for other uses. We use a brand called Seventh Generation for our laundry detergent, and liquid detergent for our dishwasher. The back of the bottle says:

"If every household in the U.S. replaced just one bottle of 100 oz. ultra petroleum based liquid laundry detergent with our 100 oz. ultra vegetable based product, we could save 225,000 barrels of oil, enough to heat and cool 13,000 U.S. homes for a year!"

If this is true, can you imagine if everyone bought a vegetable based product all of the time to replace all of their petroleum based products?


Yay....It's the NewNuma song!!!!!!This vid and tune is particularly spatical!!!! BTW I added the Official NewNuma site link over in the sidebar for anybody who wants to go see it.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cost of a College Education

For the last few days I've been checking out every college i've even considered going. I have added it up, and all i can say is Wow. I knew it would be expensive, but Wow.

It's not the tuition that's going to break you, between scholarships, grants, and financial aid I think most people could afford college, but the fees, dorm, and food are ridiculous.

Even state colleges must be making most of their money from dorms. For instance, one state college charges $1369 every quarter for a basic one room dorm per person. This does include local phone service, cable, high speed internet, a/c, communal showers,fitness and laundry rooms in the building. This breaks down to they're getting $913 per room each month. At least where I live this would be comparable to a pretty nice two bedroom apartment with all the same amenities. 1 room versus a whole apartment.hmmmm.

This by no means is a full and complete list of college costs, but I want everyone who may not be thinking about it to get a better picture. These are just low averages of public college costs if you are a state resident, per year. Try to keep in mind there is still insurance (medical and auto), entertainment, food you might want to have in your room, cost of doing laundry, personal care items, haircuts, computer, supplies and so much more.

Tuition 6000 Tuition 6000
Dorm 7000 Stay at home 0
Books 1200 Books 1200
Food 2700 VS. Food 0
Fees 600 Fees 600
Parking 260 Parking 260
Bus 270 Bus 0
___________ _____________
Total 18,030 Total 8,060 Savings $9,970 per year

Now I know it's soooo much kooler to leave home and say you're going away to college, but I'm not sure how good I'll be at doing my own laundry, sharing a limited amount of space with someone else, and basically sacrificing all the comforts of home. Not to mention saving about $40,000 + over four years. That would mean I could possibly not have to work if i didn't want to, concentrate better on my college education, spend more on other things I want like traveling, more easily afford spending a year or two studying abroad, and generally just having a lot more cash in my pocket.

I'm still a couple years away from having to make a decision, but the money issue definately has me leaning towards staying at home.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pierce This

I am trying to talk my mom into letting me get either my nose or belly pierced. I don't really think I could stand to get my tongue pierced or even my eyebrow, I just think the either would irritate the crap out of me half the time.

As far as the tongue piercing goes, I'm sorry, but I swear everyone I've ever seen with one has sort of talked funny because of it, maybe just because it's harder to show off the new piece of jewelry when it's in your mouth like that.

You can always talk with your hands if you want someone to notice a big new diamond ring on your finger, or put your hair behind your ears and keep turning your head a little to get them to notice your Grandma's pearl earrings, or just keep playing with your pendant to get their attention., but about the only way to get someone to notice your tongue is to talk funny or stick it out, which would just be rude.

Think about the people who talk to you. It's not their fault, they have to stare at your tongue. It can't really be helped. It's not like most people haven't seen one by now, but when A) you're talking funny and B) there is a good size, shiny piece of metal in your mouth, it screams to be looked at.

To each their own. there's no doubt they are piercing worse places than the ones I mentioned and I won't even go there.

I just think a little gold hoop or maybe a tiny ruby stud would still look tasteful enough that my mom wouldn't freak. After all there is at least some history behind that one. Here's a little did you know. Nose piercing is like 4,000 years old. It's recorded in the Bible in Genesis that a nose ring was one of the gifts given to Rebekah. In India, they would pierce girls noses as a sign of beauty and social standing, during the 16th century.

Now on the other hand, a belly ring could be very easily hidden. I hear it's a lot more painful though. They look kool though. Definitely not a good idea if there is any Dunlap Disease around the abs. I've also heard sometimes there are more problems with the belly piercings healing right and even infections.

None of it matters too much, since I'll probably have to wait until I'm 18 anyway.

Are You Emo???

It's probably about time to re-evaluate this whole emo thing. I'm still trying to figure out how it all happened. What are the rules? What's the point in being Straightedge if you're emo? Are you "allowed" to be Straightedge if you are emo? Why is EVERYBODY labeling EVERYBODY else emo?

For anyone who has no clue what I'm talking(typing) about, well, to be honest I don't think anyone is completely clear on it all. As near as I can remember, using the word? "emo" to describe someone who was constantly on an emotional roller coaster or moody, arrived where I go to school about a year ago. I'm sure it didn't originate here. Everyone seems to have a theory about how it all came about, but I have no idea who or what to credit. It has since went through an evolution to now refer to those people who wear black, head-to-toe, formerly refered to by most as Goths. However, as being Goth didn't necessarily mean you were of an ambiguous sexual nature, where as the whole Emo thing is now being used to describe precisely that, plus wearing all black.

Somewhere in all of this came Straightedge. Straightedge seems to attract people who are Emo or Goth, and yet the supposed rules of Straightedge would exclude them. Go figure. To be honest, although it's a kind of noble and novel idea, it's kind of kindergarten stuff really. Anyway, if you're Straightedge, supposedly you are not supposed to wear black, drink, smoke, cuss, or in effect do anything you shouldn't(I think this includes anything fun in general). So anyway there is now even Straightedge t-shirts. Oh Yay!

How can you tell if you or someone you know is emo? First, if they're buying black eyeliner every week. Have they let their bangs grown out so they can do that "flippy" thing? Unlike goths, they don't necassarily use black hair coloring. Black nailpolish is a must. They're taste in music tends to run to Underoath, AFI, and Disturbed.

This is meant for entertainment only. I cannot verify the accuracy of this information. The information is just to the best of my knowledge and by no means complete. You may have to do further investigation to find out if you or someone you know is Emo.

Rest In Peace Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin

By now there probably aren't many on the planet who don't know about the untimely death of 'Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin. My deepest sypathies are with his family and friends. As someone, of millions, who has grown up watching Steve Irwin and his wife's conservation efforts, I always felt like the passion he revealed to his viewers was deep and genuine.

Rest In Peace . You will be remembered fondly.

Monday, September 04, 2006

So what exactly is Spatical?

For those of you who might be curious, I will try to explain Spatical and it's origin in 5000 words or less.

In case you haven't checked the dictionary yet, I'll save you the time and confirm your suspicions, Spatical is not in the dictionary...yet. It isn't my word, but I love it all the same. Try it, say it out loud, I think you'll love it too.

As if all that weren't enough, Spatical holds a world of meaning in those three little syllables. First of all Spatical is an adjective. I am spatical. Spatical is shiny. It's so cool it's frozen. Spatical is more fun than an amusement park. Spatical is all that is great. Spatical is awesome to the nth power. Spatical is phatter than phat. There are spatical guys and spatical girls and spatical cars and spatical movies and spatical music.

Feel free to use Spatical in place of just about any adjective you might feel the urge to. Spatical is my gift to the English language. (Shakespeare and my English teacher are probably both ready to do me harm right now)Of course we'll all know that in a few months when a teeny movie comes out using Spatical, it will be time to find a new word. So be spatical while you can. Join the Spatical Revolution.

Be Spatical Everyone.

This post is simply my opinion and I can not be resposible for the accuracy of the information on this word. Please use Spatical with care. Do not use Spatical and drive or operate heavy machinery.

My Mission Possible Statement

My purposes here are many. First, I figure my writing abilities could use some improvement. I'm still in school and writing is definitely one of my major interests, something I hope to pursue as a profession or at least a sideline when I get older. Regardless of what I finally do decide to do when I get older, I know if I go to college I will need to improve my writing skills. Of course there is the essay portion of the SAT to consider as well.

Second, I thought it sounded like an awesome idea to truly start a real blog instead of just using one of those friend networking ones. I have enjoyed having MySpace and Bebo, but it's just not the same, in my opinion. This is different and I would at least like to give it a try. You never know until.

Third, I'll be honest, is simply in the hopes to earn money for my future college education. As, I said writing is one thing I'm considering, but I would like to think and have been told by quite a few that I'm a good artist. However, being a practical sort of girl at heart, I am aware the need to eat may require a more stable income than either of these choices may provide, so I am thinking seriously about either nursing or forensic science. My mother and grandmother have both drilled into me the fact that there will always be a need for nurses, I could literally get a nursing job anywhere in the country or the world, and nurses make a decent amount of money right out of college. Forensic science, mostly because it looks like something I would enjoy after watching things like CSI and Forensic Files.

Fourth, even practical girls can have an adventurous side. So this is in itself a little bit of an adventure into the unknown for me. I am hoping that if all goes well, I make it through college and have a little left over, I would truly like to take a couple years off and join the Peace Corps. What could be cooler than after years of school, just dropping off the edge of the map for awhile? A little worldwide adventure travel mixed with a heavy dose of another culture, helping people, and job experience to boot.

So there you have it. If anyone is actually reading this then I bid you a fond farewell, until next I post.

Disclaimer-Please read

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